Customizable Compliance Solutions for Pharma and Life Science Companies.


Keenly qualified, with experience at all levels, our team is comprised of energetic, highly skilled experts who operate and flourish in collaborative and fast-paced environments. We combine technological know-how with powerful gut instincts that can only originate from extensive experience and a true passion for what we do.

We work with you to identify your specific and individual challenges, opportunities, culture and resources. We are able to implement the industry’s most robust compliance programs or offer components specifically tailored to your business and process needs; allowing you to add services over time and as your needs change or expand. In short, we treat your business as our own; sharing ideas, processes and technology. We measure our success based on your outcomes.


Compliance & Transparency Management Solutions

Training & Tracking
Transparency &
Corporate Integrity
On-Demand Digital
Contract Management
  • Audit-Ready eSolutions
  • Secure Information & Tax Form Collection
  • Payee Verification
  • Flexible FMV Tiering Tools
Transparency & Corporate Integrity Initiatives
  • Process Development & Improvement
  • CIA Readiness Consulting
  • Risk Assessment & Audit
On-Demand Digital Resources
  • Intelligent Interest Assessment
  • Tailored Messaging & Response Surveys
  • Video Announcements
  • Customized Alerts & Certification
  • Dynamic Content Delivery
Web Solutions
  • End-to-End & Customized
  • Nomination & Tiering
  • Project Justification & Approval Workflow
  • Centralized Thought Leader Library & Search Engine
  • Real-Time Sanction Screening
  • Transparency Capture & Reporting
  • CAP Management Reporting
  • Document Management
System & Success Training
  • Live, Semi-live & Archive
  • Development & Execution
  • Certification & Payment Tracking
  • Record Collection & Distribution
  • Timely & Targeted


Now more than ever, a one-size-fits-all approach to managing HCP interactions is unlikely to meet organizational needs, potentially leaving gaps in processes and resulting business intelligence.

We have thoughtfully developed web-based solutions, applications and portals that are sophisticated, sustainable and intuitive, transforming complex processes into user-friendly experiences.

Smart and flexible solutions allow our clients to execute agreements with ease and provide peace of mind that actions and documents associated with these transactions are in compliance with corporate directives, federal guidelines, privacy restrictions and other mandates. By anticipating the unique marketing and compliance challenges you face every day, we proactively strive to integrate education, science and technology into intelligent, e-solutions for our clients.

About Us

Founded in 2001, our team is a blend of independent thinkers, with diverse backgrounds and education, who are driven to provide our clients a mix of shrewd concepts and inspired ideas. Our deep understanding and knowledge of the global pharmaceutical and life sciences industries uniquely positioned us to prepare our clients for the future, while attending to and accomplishing today’s tasks. Anticipating updated compliance or reporting requirements, exploring new technology solutions, and keeping one step ahead of the curve has been the key to our continued growth and success.

From our first Speaker Resource library and one box of printed HCP contracts to our multi-channel, fully integrated compliance platform and custom CRM database, we have not only kept pace with evolving compliance needs and technological advances; we have charted new territories, developing innovative solutions that ultimately enable our clients to operate their businesses more effectively and efficiently — today and into the future.

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